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What are certain challenges you may face as an Ob/Gyn?

I am very passionate about becoming an Obstetrician. #obstetrics

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1 answer

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somshankar’s Answer

I think going through the below mentioned points will help you answer your own question:

  1. Being able to make quick judgments and shift you priorities. You better not be a nurse who likes routine or being able to plan out his or her day. For the most part, there is no such thing in L&D. You need to be a bit of an adrenaline junky, and need to be able to think and act at the same time.

  2. Being a good team player and communicating clearly with others.

  3. Having some assertiveness AND diplomacy skills so you can be a true advocate for your patients and deal successfully with docs.

  4. Dealing with diverse patients and families with varying needs and expectations.

  5. Being able to quickly "connect" with women and support them in a trying time.

  6. Skills: Labor support; safety with epidurals; reading & interpreting fetal monitors; learning how to do accurate vaginal exams so you can detect good or poor progress; being able to recognize fetal malpresentations by doing Leopolds and be VE; Knowing what to do to facilitate rotating an OP or solving asynclitism; promoting prgress in labor.

  7. Knowledge: maternal physiology, vital signs, lab changes in pregancy and labor; fetal response to labor; stages of labor, and womens' behavior and needs at each point in labor; family dynamics; pathophysiology in high risk OB (gest DM, preeclampsia, abruption, previa, PPROM, preterm labor, etc.); pros & cons of various pain managment strategies; what to expect in Mom and NB in the immediate post-delivery period; NB resuscitation; facilitating breastfeeding

  8. Know you drugs: Pitocin, magnesium sulfate, hemabate, cytotec, nifedipine, mehtergine, cervidil, terbutaline, nalbuphine, butorphanol, and more