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What should I major in?

Hi, I am a sophomore in high school, and I want to be an OB/GYN. I know that I want to attend the University of Georgia, but I want to know what to major in as an undergraduate. I do not know what major would fit with my profession choice, and I need to know what would make the most sense to take. #doctor #medical #undergraduate #obstetrics #gynecology #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare #biology #higher-education

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Hi Te’yah. So going into you undergraduate degree, you’re going to be a biology major. I’m not sure what you would choose as a minor, if you even have to because your coursework will be extensive. I would talk to you HS counselor and find out what courses they offer to steer you in that direction. Take AP classes and take them seriously, pay for the AP tests your senior year to test out of those pre-requisite courses everyone has to take as well. UGA is a great option, but make sure to do your research on lots of other programs, partnerships, and internships offered. Hope this helps! Bianca :)
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Good luck! The best news is that *officially* you do not have to major in anything that is science based to get into medical/dental/healthcare professional school. But there are many required courses that are needed for medical school- calculus, biology, microbiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics etc. That being said, it may be easier to narrow your focus on a biology/chemistry/science track in order to complete the necessary courses. However, when you arrive at college, you aren't married to the major you choose. I would meet with the professional school advisors (that's what they were called at my large 4 year university) early to make sure you are getting all the pre-requisite courses completed as they need to be. Although many schools enjoy having "well-rounded" students, I found it to be much better for me to be surrounded by like-minded students pursuing medicine, dentistry, veterinary school etc. We had a lot of common ground and therefore were quite focused, and many of us had the same classes so getting a study group that was reliable was easier. As an outlet I pursued a degree in a foreign language, which I believe helps me tremendously in my career and was great for my enjoyment. Remember, that during your undergraduate time you will also need to plan time for the MCAT, both study time and an appropriate time to take the exam. The exam includes all facets of biology, chemistry and organic chemistry, physics, math, psychology, sociology, reading comprehension and some new changes coming down the pipeline. Again, it may help focus you to obtain a degree in the sciences, but that will definitely be up to your judgement. What undergraduate degrees have you considered? Are you planning on becoming involved in extra curricular activities? Do you have an idea of what those might be? Those activities can help "round you out" while also giving you a reprieve from the arduous studying. #college #doctor #medical #undergraduate #biology #higher-education
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