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santosh’s Avatar
santosh Aug 19, 2016 723 views

i am interested in music?which course i want to taken? please guide my career

about music #any #professional

Farhath’s Avatar
Farhath Jun 14, 2016 658 views

What can I start doing now to ensure I will get a good job when I graduate?

Now i am studying class 10 i would like to make my future bright #any

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Aug 15, 2016 1280 views

What are certain challenges you may face as an Ob/Gyn?

I am very passionate about becoming an Obstetrician. #obstetrics

Mitchell’s Avatar
Mitchell Aug 25, 2016 653 views

What are the chances of making it into the Sports management side for a career if I do not make it as a pro golfer?

I am currently a golfer and hope to pursue golf for a college while getting a degree in either Entertainment/ Entrepreneurship or Engineering. #professional

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 21, 2016 1026 views

What's one good piece of advice you'd give to an actor to be successful during college?

I feel like I don't know enough about what it takes to succeed college as an actor. I want to be successful in and out of college. Actors have a hard road ahead of them but it would be great to know the best things for the actor to do to achieve both professional and personal success. Thank...

Katherine’s Avatar
Katherine Oct 11, 2016 1040 views

Do you have to be good at chemistry to go into the medical field?

I'm a junior in high school and I'm thinking about studying medicine, but I can't do chemistry.

Wenge’s Avatar
Wenge Aug 24, 2016 1396 views

What is the work environment at a video game company?

Are they playing game in the leisure time? Are they talk about games all the time during the lunch time? #video-games #game-industry

KC’s Avatar
KC Oct 12, 2016 756 views

Can I be a police?

So I'm thinking about being a police, but I have asthma. What are the requirements to be a certified police? I am worried that my asthma would get on my way. I deeply love risking lives, doing challenging things, investigating a crime, searching for a lead, etc. I'm a woman, I have asthma and...

Gloria’s Avatar
Gloria Oct 16, 2016 3219 views

How important is the National Honor Society?

I was recently nominated to apply for the national honor society at my high school. I was wondering if I can get an answer about what are some important things that they do. I already understand that that it helps out a lot in a community and that it looks great on a college application....

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Oct 17, 2016 940 views

Does a Chemical Techicians or Chemical Enginer need to relocate or travel?

I'm doing a paper in my carrier exploration class and I have been having little difficultly at finding my answer "Does a chemical technicians or chemical engineer need to relocate or travel?". Every time I look it up on google,Bing, and yahoo answer it would give me the same...