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What is the goal of your online marketing?

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ASLON’s Answer

Online Marketing come in many forms(display advertising, paid search campaigns, online video, etc) but the main goal is to drive traffic to your website, most preferably to a landing page that will continue the conversation you started in the online ad. This is measured by click thru rate and or site traffic. The main goal is usually to raise awareness about a product or service that your company is selling with the intention of driving the customer to take action such as buy the product online, call an toll free number to speak to a sales rep., fill out a contact card, provide email address to learn more, visit a store etc. What great about online marketing is that you are able to measure effectiveness and results. Many other forms of traditional advertising doesn't offer the ability to directly measure success.

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Simeon’s Answer

Usually, online marketing tries to get an online audience to morph into an online community. The more people feel a sense of belonging in close proximity to your product and brand, the more likely they are to prefer your brand versus other options that come and go in the market.

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Cathy’s Answer

Driving traffic to the website is one reason for on-line marketing. A strategy is usually developed as a company. Some strategies are brand awareness, feature new products, sell existing products, information on products, or even for good publicity.