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I am to give an interview next week to a Canada reputed company I just wanna about that what is the meaning of these Question tell me about your self. so many answers I have which is best for me please guide me but I need your opinion

I am to give an interview next week to a Canada reputed company I just wanna about that what is the meaning of these Question tell me about your self. so many answers I have which is best for me please guide me
i need your opinion
i can explain & start to introduce my self means my name my families background my goals both short & longs my past means currently what I m doing?
Or just i explain only my present means that I have been working a reputed company of my Country like this...
Please suggest to me the best answer if the Interviewer will be happy with my reply I will thankful to you.. business career

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7 answers

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Serena’s Answer

Hi Waqas,
"tell me about yourself" is normally the first question interviewers ask and it is a CRUCIAL question to create a good first impression;
and also it is your chance to steer the interview to a direction that favors you.

I would recommend a quick introduction on the basics of yourself:
1) 30 seconds - introduce name, education background, internship experience

2) 45 seconds - phrase a key achievement that demonstrate your technical strength,
for example, if you are skilled at financial modelling,
mention a project that you worked at in school/ internship.
Describe your thought and work progress - interviewers love to learn about a candidate's problem solving skills
Highlight the outcome and the impact of your work

3) 45 seconds - tell a story that demonstrates your soft skills,
for example, if you want to show that you have great leadership skills,
tell a story on how you successfully lead a team before.
Remember it is important to structure what problem your team faced, how you actively contributed to steer the process,
and conclude with the final outcome.

4) 30 seconds - on why you would like to work for this particular company
study the vision of this company and link it to your past achievements or your personal motto,
demonstrate you are the right candidate they are looking for

If your "tell me about yourself" answer managed to impress the interviewer,
they will likely ask questions stemming from the achievements/ stories you mentioned rather than throwing you other new questions -
thus you have a higher chance to continue impressing them with your strengths and showcase your talent.

Do some research on your interviewer before interview!
then tailor make your achievements/ stories that may resonate better with the interviewer,
this will help to build a personal connection with the interviewer and also shows that you invested a lot of effort for this interview.

After all, interviewer is looking to hire someone who they would want to work with and if they like you,
even though other candidates may have better accolades,
they would prefer to work with someone whom they can share a connection with.

Good luck!

thank you very much I really appreciate your reply. Waqas A.

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Andrés’s Answer

The classic "Tell me a little about yourself"! It's truly just an open-ended question to simply get the conversation going and there isn't a bad answer necessarily as we all have different background & expertise. So definitely say who you are, what's your passion is, and what you are thinking you can do for that XYZ position or company. This will let the interviewer move towards the more formal questions in an interview.

I do warn, however, sharing too much about yourself like sharing details on your families background, etc. might be oversharing so try to be succinct with your answer. Just make sure you give insight on what makes you a unique candidate vs anybody else & the interview will start-off on the right foot.

And regarding the 'formal' interview questions - I would suggest practicing common behavioral questions & learn the 'S.T.A.R' method to answer questions as it lets you have a plan on what & how to answer a question without going into a ramble/tangent.

Best of luck!

thankyou for this i really appreciated to your answer Waqas A.

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Patrícia’s Answer

A lot of awesome tips in the thread.
I just want to share, that this is indeed a "tell me about yourself", and this is not only crucial, but an opportunity.
At this point, they already have your CV along with a lot of other candidates, and the opportunity is for you to add more to what you shared in the CV, like your personality, who you are.
Try to be confident highlighting your main achievements, but above all, make yourself notable for who you are not only as a professional, but also as a person.
These days, companies care a lot about the co pany culture, and they try to find ot only highly skilled professionals, but also someone who fits in the companies culture, and that, they see getting to know a little bit of who you are as a person.
I hope this adds some color to all the great advice already in this thread.
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Scott’s Answer

Hello Waqas. Serena and Andrés have given you some good ideas. What I will add to their input is an important rule for how to answer any questions you are asked. An easy way to remember the rule is that is spells K.I.S.S.S with an extra S. That stands for

Simple and

Short in that your answer should be no more than 30-45 seconds, with 30 seconds being ideal. After 30 seconds, you risk the listener tuning you out.

Simple means providing a straightforward response. Too many people go off on tangents or provide details that are unnecessary. Keeping your response simple shows that you can communicate effectively.

Specific means that you provide a direct answer that clearly responds to the question. Being specific demonstrates that you have good comprehension skills.

Good luck in your interview!


thank you, Scott you are right to suggest the answer. Waqas A.

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Ritu’s Answer

The first question that you would get on any interview is "Tell me about yourself?".
Please make a draft and put your best version of yourself in that. You need to practice and talk confidently on this.
This creates a positive impression and vibe for the rest of the interview.
Good Luck!

thank ritu's Waqas A.

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Kelly’s Answer

Similarly to the feedback above, I would definitely be prepared with a short and conscious overview of who you are. Keep it professional in the sense of talking about your education, background, past job experience as opposed to anything about family and upbringing. Highlighting key characteristics or skills that would translate well into the role can go a long way too. Good luck!
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Usha’s Answer

Hello Waqas,

Congratulations on getting to the first step. You have some great tips in this thread. I echo that it is important to be short and specific and it should not be quick run-through your resume. Think about a couple of words that describe you and tie that back to the role you are seeking (examples: i am creative, i love challenges/adventures, learner etc..). should help you with the opening statement. All the best for the interview.

thank you very much usha' it is best tips for me thank you again Waqas A.