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What are some tips to be successful ?

generally speaking, how can you be great at everything you do #success

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3 answers

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Triambaka Murthy’s Answer

Simply Put :

  • Right attitude

  • Willingness to learn

  • Focus

  • Communication - verbal/written

  • Team player

  • flexibility

  • above all "Integrity"

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Tiffanie,

The following are tips to get you ahead in your career.

  • Priorities and goals

What are your priorities of the day? Make a list and of your priorities and plan your day. The tasks of the day must be outlined with the most important and urgent ones on top.

Likewise determine your short-term and long-term goals and evaluate your progress frequently.

  • Be focused

Are you really present physically and mentally. Try to block out all distractions so that you have the time to truly focus on your tasks and career.

  • Broaden your skills

Nothing remains the same and so do job requirements. Update your knowledge and skills. Seek improvement of your know-hows. Attend seminars, conferences, read books, be an eternal learner.

  • Socialize

Be ready to participate in social functions. Be open to new acquaintances. Meet new people and deal with them respectfully and enthusiastically. Be an active listener; you will surely learn something new...

  • Know your merits

Know your strengths and weaknesses. If you think you deserve a position or promotion, claim it.

  • Accept challenge

Through challenge you will reach areas of your personality you have never discovered before. It is a good idea to step away from your comfort zone to explore new horizons. If you settle into a routine and play it safe all the time, you will never get ahead in your career. 'If you always do what you've always done, you'll only get what you've already got'

  • Communication

Learn to communicate effectively. Listen to what others are saying and focus on how to give and receive constructive feedback, to persuade effectively and to ask for help and collect information.

  • Avoid gossip

Avoid office gossip about colleagues and the boss. Be respectful and work for the good of the company.

  • Relax

Relax and do something different, a hobby that you love doing. Take time off for yourself. This will help boost your productivity during week days.

  • Seek satisfaction

If you are disappointed with what you are doing, try to transform it into something you love. If you fail, it might be a good idea to do something different. As Confucius said: 'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. '


Best of luck!

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Stacy’s Answer

My best advice, from my personal journey & years or professional development, training, & coaching...

For on-going success:

  • Always ask others what you can do to help them be successful (especially your boss)

  • Be curious

  • Have a "can-do" attitude

  • Dream & ask "what-if"

  • When things change, be the first to introduce yourself to your new boss, ask how you can help, & ask for what you want (to do). Don't wait for your assignment, otherwise you may get exactly what you don't want.

  • Be on time -- it is a skill

  • Have fun

  • Remember everyone's journey is different

  • Make time for yourself each day -- physical & mental well being are key to your success. Get your personal required amount of sleep!

  • Continually educate yourself -- throughout your life. Take an active role in creating your development plan.

  • Learn how to be a great networker!

  • Know your strengths & minimize your weaknesses (meaning, minimize situations/roles where your weaknesses will be amplified) & in the same vein, know your likes & dislikes.

  • Don't take things personally

  • Remember -- most things you will do (in business) are not life & death situations

  • Visualize your success -- how does it look, sound, feel, smell?

  • Treat others with dignity

  • Have a sense of humor

  • Learn the game of "Go"

  • Surround yourself with smart, positive, & motivating people

  • Find a mentor & have purposeful, directed conversations

  • Don't be afraid to change course or step outside of your comfort zone