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hey, i am a 12th student... i am not that much good at studies so i dint had any aim till now but i love photography and i love travelling so i wanna know about the degree that match my intrest so that i can take it after my 12th

I am rida, class 12th student, i am not that much good at studies or i dint had any ambitions till now... but i love travelling and i love photography

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3 answers

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Folasade’s Answer

A bachelor of Arts in photography or journalism is good for someone interested in photography. Journalism will make use of your interest in both photography and travel. Any of the two courses bachelor will enable you to broaden your awareness to the fundamental technology and techniques in both digital and analogue photography. Your course will include practicals, workshops group and individual projects. A good journalist should be a photographer and a traveller.

Folasade recommends the following next steps:

BA. Journalism
Ba. Photography

thank you soo much that was indeed helpful Rida F.

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Serena’s Answer

Hi Rida,
Your love and passion for photography and travel can become your full time career!
and you don't necessarily need a college degree to pursue that,
all you need to do is start by taking pictures and start to create a portfolio on social media.

If you are still relatively new to photography, you can go on youtube,
to find photography tutorials for free and you can also look specifically at travel photography -
should that be the niche you would like to focus on.
Try to take photos at your local community, for your friends and family,
to gradually accumulate experiences and create more resource for your portfolio.
So customers can reference your work from your social media and hire you for their events.

There are a lot of successful photographers who get invited to travel to the other side of the world,
to take photos for companies and products, so don't wait any further,
start now as a young age! all you need is a camera/phone with camera and a social media account.
Get started and connect with life minded individuals,
Good luck on your endeavors and travels ahead!


thank you soo much serena, this was very helpful Rida F.

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Simeon’s Answer

I would agree with Folasade; you'll want to take a good look at journalism. I'd recommend expanding your skill set beyond photography to being able to write, edit, analyze literature, and edit images using software. Often, we don't get access to exactly the jobs we have in mind, so it is important to have a fluid skill set so that you are ready to answer the call for the jobs that are hiring.

thank you soo much for taking part of your time Rida F.