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How can I find a job working with kids?

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4 answers

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Dr. Carolyn’s Answer

Working with kids can be very rewarding! There are many different ways to work with children, so you might want to consider whether you'd like to work with: a specific age group (pre-school, elementary school, middle school, or high school ages); or a specific type of child (kids with special needs; kids who need language assistance (speech pathology, non-Native speakers); or kids who may need therapeutic assistance (psychological, physical, developmental, etc.), to name a few options.

If you're interested in teaching children, you can be a classroom teacher, a teacher's aide, or a teaching specialist (music, art, physical education, sciences, etc.). You can also be an after-school care provider who works with kids in after-school programs. Private schools and religious schools may have different requirements for staff members who work with kids, so if that sounds interesting to you, you can contact them to find out what kind of training they require.

Almost all types of jobs working with children require some continuing education so that you can stay up to date on new and exciting methods of interacting effectively and successfully with kids (including pre-school teachers and aides, public and private school teachers and aides, Religious schools, all types of therapists, those who work with special needs, etc.).

For each job, you may want to consider the educational commitment required to qualify for the job. For example, being a pre-school teacher or an aide doesn't require a college degree, but being a public school teacher does (elementary, middle, high school). Some jobs require at least a master's degree (any type of therapy work and some areas of specialization).

And remember that when working with all children, in any type of job, it is essential to be respectful of cultural differences, differences in cognitive and functional abilities, varying levels of social and emotional competence, personality and temperament differences, etc., so that you don't unintentionally discriminate or marginalize any child, for any reason.

Importantly, all children need caring adults to teach them, guide them, help them, empower them, listen to them, support them, and be patient with them as they navigate through the challenges of childhood, so that they develop resilience and a healthy sense of their own capabilities, strengths, needs, and goals.

I hope that some of these suggestions might help you begin to define what type of professional interaction you'd like to have with children and help you consider how you can make a positive and significant difference in the lives of children! Good luck!
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Simeon’s Answer

It depends on if you are looking for more of a generic job versus a career. You could get work starting out doing childcare or being a nanny. You could even work on becoming a manager of a childcare facility someday, but that would involve a transition to more administrative type work. If you are willing to invest a lot of time in the career, you could become a pediatrician. However, your best bet would honestly be becoming an elementary school teacher.
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Serena’s Answer

Hi Rehema,
There are an abundance of jobs that involve working with children.
The most common one that comes to mind is to be a teacher.
It is also ideal to explore the education industry at a young age,
to really understand if this is where you true interest lies and gain work experience.
You can begin by volunteering at your local community centre that often offers workshops or
events that involve children. If these are not available,
you can look for online volunteering opportunities such as tutoring and homework guiding for kids.
If you enjoy your volunteering experiences,
you can start looking at higher education courses in community college or universities,
and understand the requirements to get into those institutions.
At the same time, you can continue with volunteering involvements in the education industry,
as your commitment and experience will be highly valued when you are looking for a job after graduation.
Hope this helps!!
Good luck!

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Mary Jane’s Answer

There are many jobs working with children from daycares, recreation and after school programs, to being a teacher or even in the medical field.
I would suggest looking at some employment sites as Indeed
You can google “ working with children jobs” and find some great opportunities in your geographic area. This way you can learn about the many options. Good luck on your career search.