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How do you know when you are sure what career you want to push?

I am a trying to find out what career i want to pursue in life. #help #career

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5 answers

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Nick’s Answer

It is important to understand what you are passionate about before you choose a career. You have to happy in your work to be most successful. Don't chase $$ because that will come with success in your career. When you can truly get behind what you are doing in your career or the industry within you choose to work your ability to enjoy and succeed in your career.

Thank you kind of inspiring. Daniel O.

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Tara’s Answer

Follow your strengths and find their adjacencies. Intern at as many places as possible to learn more, if nothing else weed out what you don't want to do.

Thank You! Daniel O.

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Christel’s Answer

Choosing your life path can be very hard. It does take some time. It is important to take your time and know your interests, your values, hobbies, Soft skills, what motivates you, what activities do you most enjoy. Make a list of the fields you are interested in, Find educational, training requirements, Lifestyle requirements for each path in you list and you can start narrowing it down. Take some online career assessments, Seek out career coaches- Interview some people in your field of interest, seek internships. Imagine yourself in 5 and 10 years. Do you see yourself happy in that path?
Try different things, different options, think outside of the box and most importantly Take your time.

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Vera’s Answer

I say figure out what you love to do and broaden on that. if you love animals, do something with animals. if you love art and gaming, be a game designer. hope that helps.

Thank you very much helpful. Daniel O.

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Lira’s Answer

Hi Dear,

I always tell people to follow their passion. High salaries can attract people and will always be better if you are just looking for something to survive, but do you really want just to work and pay your dues? Do what you really love and you will not work ever again. You will always find ways to broaden your chosen career and I am sure you will be successful.

Good luck and all the best