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How important is college is it a big scam?

I hear a lot of bad things about college how its a scam and how in school we are trained to work not be our own leaders I understand their point of view I just wanted to know how college isn't a scam and beneficial #college #career-counseling #career

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4 answers

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Kyler’s Answer

College is relative to what you want to do in life. If the career you are interested in requires a college degree, then college is worth every penny. If your ambitions take you down a different road, then college may not be necessary.

To be a Doctor, you need a medical degree to legally practice. To be an electrician, you don't necessarily need a degree. Both are great careers that provide an opportunity to earn money.

I live in an area that is surrounded by Tech startups. Doing a little research, I have found that most of the CEO's are college dropouts. One company just sold for 8 Billion Dollars. To him, a degree probably isn't so important. Many large tech companies have dropped a college degree as a requirement to work for them. Apple, Facebook. etc...., because coding and computer-related work can be self-taught.

My mom earned a PhD in Education. This allowed her to travel the world and work for schools internationally. Without it, she would not have had all the opportunities she did.

So, to answer your question with a question, what do you want to do for a career? If it requires formal education, then college is worth the investment. If it doesn't, then it might not be something you pursue.

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Nicole’s Answer

I wouldn't say college is a scam, but it not for everyone. Sometimes a college degree is necessary depending on the type of job you want to pursue. As one of the previous comments mentioned, a college degree is necessary for jobs such as doctors, nurses, engineers, etc. It is very possible to be successful and happy without a college degree, it just depends on what you want for your future. Going to college can also open doors for internships and future job opportunities that you might have not been exposed to without going to college.

If you're not sure about college or even what to study, I would recommend community college. Community college is a great stepping stone into figuring out what you're interested in by taking classes that interest you.

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Jason’s Answer

As stated well below, this is completely dependent on your career goals. I would strongly suggest you take any answers here and in the real world with a grain of salt. The political climate will get you some fuzzy and bias answers.

I believe college is important if the degree assists or creates the position for you such as an MD degree- cannot get the MD without college.

That being said, there are a lot of majors out there that will entertain you for four years and then good luck getting anything related.
If you find a major you are passionate about, and a career you are interested in then go for it.

The "scam" is likely people saying this is a waste because of the initial investment. Go look up the differences in salary for GED, HS diploma, having a bachelors, and then beyond. The data is as clear as day. The initial investment is worth it if you use those years intelligently and major in something that can translate into a real career.

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Jacob’s Answer

Hey Angel,

I would not consider college itself a scam, though some degree programs may get pretty close to being labelled as such. I am one of those folks that believe college is only as good or useful as the job you can get with your degree. This naturally means that I don't place much value in some of the more recent or esoteric degree programs being offered at many schools. They only really seem to result in large amounts of debt and no career prospects. College is not play time, for learning about yourself, or finding out what interests you.

There are very few fields you truly need a degree to participate in and they are usually pretty obvious, doctor, lawyer,teacher, etc. This is not the whole story though. Using my own field of software engineering as an example, for many companies there is no degree requirement, only demonstrable experience is really needed. This is not true at every company, however. Several of the larger companies (and a few very specific ones) require degrees for almost all roles, even those that really should not require one. If you want to work there, you have to have the degree.