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what program language should i learn next already experienced with java and python

Asked Paramount, California

i have no one who has experience in computer science #computer-security

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Eric’s Answer

Updated Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hi, Stephany!

I just answered another question of yours assuming that you didn't have any programming background, so now I feel a little silly. Sorry about that.

I have two main suggestions from where you are now.

One is to look at languages that can accomplish things you want to do in particular. Want to write Web pages? Learn JavaScript (along with a little HTML and CSS for the pages themselves, but JavaScript powers pages and implements all the actual logic). Want to write iOS apps? Learn Swift or Objective C. Want to write system internals? Learn C or C++. There are many specialties, all with their own most-suitable languages.

My second suggestion is to look for languages that will expand your horizons. Java and Python approach programming in a pretty similar way. I'd recommend learning Scheme, Haskell, Erlang, or another functional programming language. They are much different, and it is likely much harder to do things that you are used to, but experiencing that approach will go a long way to letting you pick up additional languages in the future. You will be able to think in terms of how to express a problem to a computer, rather than in terms of Java or Python's individual syntax. Go might also be good, for practice with multithreaded programming.

I hope this helps!

It did help alot thank you

Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated Silver Spring, Maryland

Great advice on specific languages to learn. I'd also recommend learning a specific use for a language such as: developing interface GUIs, or maybe device drivers are more interesting, or possibly writing background scripts for system monitoring & reporting. Being able to use a language + adding a specific function for that language will definitely make you stand out among your peers. Be well, Liz