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Enterprise Technology Security & Compliance AT&T | MBA InfoSec | OWASP-LA Board
Telecommunication ISP MSSP
Los Angeles, California
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Daris-diamond’s Avatar
Daris-diamond May 12 106 views

What does it take to work In cybersecurity?

I'm a Computer science major and I wanted to see if anyone could give some advice on places to train or software to use to help me.

Jay’s Avatar
Jay Apr 25 95 views

What would be the best first step to getting into the Cyber Security Field after college?

What would be the best first step to getting into the Cyber Security Field after college?
I am trying to get into the field with a AA in Information Technology while working towards my Bachelor's.

tommy’s Avatar
tommy Apr 28 146 views

How can i Start my career in Cyber Security?

I am Tommy a person who is a tech geek and loves everything to downloading software and a 9th grader to hopefully get taught Javascript and HTML to further jumpstart my career as a Beginner level it job to a cybersecurity specialist.

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Feb 27 205 views

What are some software skills I should be familiar with as an Information Security Engineer?

What programs or software should I get myself acquainted with when it comes to being an Information Security Engineer?

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Feb 28 233 views

What are the requirements to join the NSA?

What are the requirements to join the NSA working in cybersecurity and obtain a security clearance?

Cody’s Avatar
Cody Jan 30 142 views

What would you say your biggest strength is that has helped you develop your career as an information security analyst?

I understand that complex problem-solving and critical thinking skills are pretty much essential when it comes to any IT field. Are their any skills that I may not have considered or that you think are underappreciated in your field? What would you consider your top 3 skills of this trade?

Javien’s Avatar
Javien Oct 25, 2022 247 views

How will I be able to achieve my dream in the field of computer programming?

I want to learn how to computer program inorder to achieve my dream in cyber security ip networking and hobby of game development and computer programming

Dale’s Avatar
Dale Sep 08, 2022 313 views

3.can you describe a typical work day? #cybersecurity

I'm Interested in knowing how a typical day as a cyber security specialist would be like.

Isaac’s Avatar
Isaac Jun 28, 2022 367 views

Career Path to the FBI

Hello, I was trying to figure out the best way to get on a career path to the FBI, Im majoring in Information Technology with a focus in cyber security, and I love to travel as well. So was just wanting some advice on that

Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 28, 2022 629 views

What does a cyber crime investigator actually do?

Is it boring?

Do ya´ll just catch pedofiles all day or is there something more?

Is it a fufilling career?

Can dumb people be good in this feild?

Do you need to have a strong mentallity or stomatch to do this job?

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 03, 2022 337 views

What other careers can you get into with skills from cybersecurity?

I want to get into cyber security, and I've gotten good advice so far. But if for some reason, the career ends up not working for me, what other careers can I pursue with those same skills?

Sowmiya’s Avatar
Sowmiya May 18, 2016 824 views

how many degree want to become a

hi i am studing 10 std.i want to know the answer #it-sales #it-audit

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus Apr 28, 2022 366 views

How difficult is it to learn javascript and get into cybersecurity?

How hard is it to pursue Cybersecurity as a profession if you really want to do it as a career for the rest of your working life?

Landon’s Avatar
Landon Apr 26, 2022 374 views

How different is being a Computer Systems Analyst from being a Information Security Analyst?

I am interested in both careers but I am wondering which might be a better pick for me. I am interested in the IT field so either sounds good to me.

James’s Avatar
James Apr 29, 2022 399 views

Information Security Analyst

What is the most money you can make as a Information Security Analyst? Why did you want to be a Information Security Analyst? How much work is involved with being a Information Security Analyst? Is there any travel in being a Information Security Analyst What do you like about being a...