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Can any one tell me about the job opportunities or internship programs for international student of Plant Breeding and Genetics?

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1 answer

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Jason’s Answer

Hi Asma,

While I am not familiar with particular options in Pakistan, A good place to start would be looking into the AgroChemical companies. There are some very large ones that offer internship and entry level roles with a multinational presence. To start, this may include:

Syngenta AG: Revenue USD 10.4 billion
Bayer Crop Science: Revenue USD 8.16 billion
BASF SE: Revenue USD 6.76 billion
Dow Agro Sciences: Revenue USD 4.66 billion
FMC: Revenue USD 4.28 billion
Adama Ltd.: Revenue USD 3.88 billion
Nufarm Ltd.: Revenue USD 3.31 billion
Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.: Revenue USD 3.14 billion
UPL Limited: Revenue USD 3.14 billion
Nutrichem Company Limited: Revenue USD 0.870 billion

Best of luck to you!
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much for your information Asma