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Police or Doctor? How about both?

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I'm taking forensic science on Tigerwoods. There's a lot going on my mind right now. Should I be a doctor or police? Is there anything such as both? I want to be a police who would risk her life on anything, investigate the crime scene, analyzing fingerprints, know how to use gun etc. at the same time I want to be doctor which is a pediatrician where I could help kids. I was thinking about being a police first then doctor but is that possible? I want to be walking in my police uniform with a badge on my uniform and at the same time I want to wear my doctor's uniform. Im kinda confuse at myself right now. ,Could you help me? P.S I dont want to be a lawyer and I love computers. #medicine #police #law-enforcement #forensic-science

1 answer

Helen’s Answer


Yes you can be how many ever things you want i know people who became principals and teachers at the very same time