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What is the best thing to do when being a physician ?

Hey Jose, can you explain what you mean by "the best thing"? The more details you can add around a question, the more detailed professionals can be Gurpreet Lally

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2 answers

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Aaradhya’s Answer

Hi Jose!

well I wanted to say that just sit and see yourself after ten year if you still see yourself as a physician
than go for that, but if you want to gain money and had no interest in the occupation than I would
recommend you to see other occupations as well .

Hope this helps
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Mark’s Answer

Hi Jose!

That all depends on the person. What are your interest? If it's strictly, I want to make the most money, then a person could research physician salaries. If it's work balance, then one could research physician's work balance. Are you looking for a rewarding career? When looking for the "best thing", It can be very personal and come down to strengths, passion and what makes you happy.

Hope this helps!