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How is electrical engineering used in a community setting such as a school, local gym or even a grocery store?

I would like to know how my profession will benefit all types of people or business in a community. This is because I want to ensure that my career consists of me improving of changing lives of people directly or even indirectly to create a better world. #electrical-engineering

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3 answers

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Rodrigo’s Answer

Hi Savannah

You can do may things such as good installations, and maybe you are interested in something call domotic that is the encounter of information technology, electrotechnics and electronics that makes a home become "smart", the internet of things is also involved in this and you can make great things and add great features to those buildings

maybe you want to take a look here


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Viraj’s Answer

School -> based on what kind of engineering -> switches/computers/projects are all engineering outcomes.
local gym -> treadmills, newer trainers
grocery stores -> barcodes , scanners, inventory checks

all these things are related to engineering. So being an engineer you will impact a community setting.
go ahead and pursue the courses you need.

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Sabyasachi’s Answer

Well all the job has some or the other contribution to the people we are living with. Be it electrical engineering or any other courses if not direct but in directly definitely they all are connected. I guess the main thing is your intention and your commitment. If you have burning desire to help changing other people's lives you will surely do it. So don't worry much and go for the course you would love to study.

Thanks for the advice, I sure will try to pursue a career in electrical/electronic engineering. Savannah L.

You are welcome. Sabyasachi Banerjee