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Lauren P. May 18, 2016 613 views

How to stand out in teacher's minds and think outside the box?

Hello again. This question seems absurd in itself as the answers are very gray not black and white. However, I am going to be a college freshman next year and am trying to get outside my comfort zone. I am just realizing that there truly is no normal and I should stop asking people what they...

#professor #life-transitions #college-essay #college-bound

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Diana M. Aug 07, 2016 580 views

CalTech-Dream School

My dream school is CalTech i want to become a robotics or electrical engineer. Im an incoming Junior what are some tips to begin preparing or some things that i should look out for? #university #electrical-engineering #university-applications #robotics-engineer...


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Savannah L. Oct 19, 2016 436 views

How is electrical engineering used in a community setting such as a school, local gym or even a grocery store?

I would like to know how my profession will benefit all types of people or business in a community. This is because I want to ensure that my career consists of me improving of changing lives of people directly or even indirectly to create a better world....


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Alexis L. Oct 31, 2016 621 views

What is the typical day like for an engineer?

I want to be an electrical engineer because I love hands-on experience. However, I don't really know detail on what an engineer's day is like. #engineering...


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Aiden W. Jan 22 71 views

What is the best advice you can give somebody to help them pick 1 career out of 3-4 choices?

As someone who is interested in sports analysis, physical therapy, and sports broadcasting, I'm not set on one of these careers. How should I narrow it down to my best option? #career #sports...