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How to stand out in teacher's minds and think outside the box?

Hello again. This question seems absurd in itself as the answers are very gray not black and white. However, I am going to be a college freshman next year and am trying to get outside my comfort zone. I am just realizing that there truly is no normal and I should stop asking people what they think and ask myself first. So this is why the question seems pointless. But still, how should I go in writing papers or projects that approach a different way? To end with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."
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3 answers

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Aleksandra’s Answer

Hi Lauren,

When I read your question, I first thought "this person wants to find the cure for cancer in Intro to Biology!" I share that for two reasons: one: it is ambitious and commendable - do not apologize for that, and two: your expectation and the teacher/professor's expectations need to align.

So, if you ask, how do I exceed the professor's expectations - the simple answer is, do the work.
If you really want to stand out, do the work and engage in a thoughtful discussion. Be there during the professor's' office hours to ask questions about what doesn't make sense. The professor doesn't expect you to get a nobel price in any or all classes. They do however, like students who are dedicated and engaged.

Who knows, they may offer you a job as a research assistant. ;)

Bottom line - your job is a student so before anything, do what is expected of you first. You'd be surprised to see that just doing the work will make you stand out (most people don't) #collegesuccess #preparation #exceedingexpectations

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Crystal’s Answer

There is only one best way to stand out - be prepared. Do the required work.
Otherwise, there is no one way to approach an assignment to stand out from the crowd. A quote is good if a quote fits and you follow it by explaining it and relating it to the idea at hand. A stand alone quote that speaks to you is best suited for a personal email signature.

You do not need a gimmick to stand out in your school assignments. Be earnest, do the work, and participate in class. Your professor will surely take notice.

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Viraj’s Answer

How to stand out in teacher's minds and think outside the box?

I always recommend that ask a question if you have a doubt about anything a teacher might have said.
That doesnt mean that you ask questions that dont make sense.
Be thorough with your understanding of the topic and ask questions . Once you ask questions your mind tries to think more on why/how something works and thats something which induces out of the box thinking.