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What Kind of Textbooks will i need for pre med

I am a senior applying to colleges for pre med ( I want to be an obgyn) so I kind of what to know roughly the cost and what books I possibly need #medicine #nursing #obstetrics #gynecology #pre

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Cielo’s Answer

After registering for a course, you can enter your course number on the school's bookstore website to check which textbook your professor requires. Almost all colleges use this method. Books are expensive. They just are.. They can run up to $400/book. It's a ridiculous expense because once you purchase the book for, say, Spring semester & attempt to sell it back at the end of the semester in the the hopes of getting some money back, it's essentially worthless. And on top of that, science classes, and you will have plenty because you're pre-med, has an additional lab look that need to be used.

My suggestion is to rent books that you think you won't use again, like for Humanities classes. There are tons of websites online that does this. Amazon has great rental prices or you can purchase the book from them as well. Just get the ISBN number, google it, & look at where you can get deals.

Another option would be to check you school library if a "reserve" book is available & you can just make copies. I used to take pictures of the pages/chapters that I need using an app called Tiny Scanner & once I'm done, the app turns it into a PDF file, then I have the option to print.

Most times, the most recent edition is what is required. Don't be scared to use the edition prior to that or even the one prior to that. There's barely any information that has changed between the editions & you end up saving a lot of money. The pages numbers or chapters will most likely not be same in though, so that's when using the index section of the book comes in handy.

Sorry if I gave you too much information.

Good luck!!