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Which is best known career path to pursue in from the navy?

I plan on joining the navy but I am still over thinking on what job to take in during the navy and which one I want to stick to. career-paths job

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2 answers

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Mickael’s Answer

Hi Elias,

I think I am going to give you the same advice I give to those asking somewhere else:
- ask yourself what you can do almost non-stop without getting bored, lost patience and can do under stress if you want to be part of field actions.
- ask yourself where you are good at.
- ask yourself what do you like (which can be different from the first bullet).

Then cross everything and compare to the careers the navy can offer. If you like telecomm, love maths, I am sure there are communication career paths for you. This is just one example. One of my friend was hired by the French navy as a developer for ballistics missile simulation based on current weather conditions, distance to target, sea activity ... That's another example.
The main difference with civil careers is that in the military, there is no 40 hours per week type of limitations. If you are on a mission, you are there.
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Jason’s Answer

The best answer I can give you is this- Read and ask plenty of people questions. Read everything you can on a particular MOS. See what training it requires, what the daily life looks like and ultimately what you will be doing. Don't be afraid of asking Navy personnel and recruiters any questions you can think of. If you happen across someone in that particular MOS, be sure to ask them what they think and what they're experiences were- good and bad. Another thing to mention is that MOSs are not static. Typically, you can request a specialty change during your re-enlistment as well.