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lennye Oct 05, 2022 709 views

How to begin coding/start a career in tech with no experience?

What tips/advice would you give to someone who has no experience in the web development field - who would like to begin? Are there any certificates you’d recommend for beginners wanting to learn to code?

kayleigh’s Avatar
kayleigh Apr 13, 2022 495 views

how do you deal with someone who is angry

things you do

lorenzo’s Avatar
lorenzo Apr 12, 2022 551 views

As an auto mechanic what is the biggest obstacle you'll face and the best way to face it

I also want to own a shop in the near future

Elias’s Avatar
Elias May 19, 2021 440 views

Which is best known career path to pursue in from the navy?

I plan on joining the navy but I am still over thinking on what job to take in during the navy and which one I want to stick to. #career-paths #job

Albertina’s Avatar
Albertina May 19, 2021 490 views

How to job search when you don't have experience

I graduated in 2018 - Degree in Applied Psychology in the Professional Context. I would like to persue a career in this field and I don't have the job experience in Psychology. #first-job #job-search #career

Khensi’s Avatar
Khensi May 05, 2021 588 views

What is the best career

Need advice in choosing a career #career-plan #career-options #career

Imani’s Avatar
Imani May 05, 2021 565 views

How would life be ? Does it get harder or easier

#life-coach #life