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How much would a typical income be for a photographer straight out of college?

Asked Lynn, Massachusetts

I'm a Junior in high school and am interested in photography, but I'm unsure if this can be a stable career. #art #the-arts

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David’s Answer

Updated Ipswich, Massachusetts

Hi Mariana, It really depends on what type of photography you want to be doing. If you're looking at commercial photography, the best way to start out after college is by assisting for established commercial photographers. If you're seriously interested in this, I'd suggest trying to get to a big photo city, like NYC or LA or Chicago, Miami, etc. rather than a smaller city. An assistant is a cool thing to be because you get to learn by doing, see some really good photographers solve some interesting technical problems, learn good habits from how photographers you like do things, and get connections. When you're starting in a big city, you earn $200 a day maybe. As you get better, you can charge more. It does take some time to get to where you're working a lot - it starts in dribs and drabs as you go out and connect with people, but when they see you're punctual, personable, and reliable, you'll be used all the time. They they'll start giving you some of the work that's too small for you to take and you can get started with clients of your own. Good luck!