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What career would best fit me?

I'm a Junior in high school and I'm interested in a lot of things. Things that interest me are sports, stats, business.. business career sports statistics

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4 answers

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Vanja’s Answer

Best of the Village

First off that is great that you have so many interests!
I cannot tell you what career you should choose, but I'll provide you with options that you may want to consider and ultimately make a decision yourself.

Just within looking at the scope of integrating sports and stats you may want to be a analyst for data collection service, an independent statistical consultant, team statistician, world tour statistician. These are the results I received after one attempt at a search engine AND I found all of this in the 1st website I clicked. It's nice for you that stats and business have been integrated in many positions that exist. I encourage you to use your imagination and do a little bit of researching. Look up in a search engine variations of your interests in terms of careers that exist. What is also helpful is that once you find a general job position you can then think about how that job position can be used in different environments. So I have outlined statistical consultant for sports teams, but maybe you would rather be an insurance consultant instead?

Also if you want to have even more options, you can look at careers in solely business or stats etc.
You may want to be an accountant?
However I believe the more well rounded you are the better. To be honest in the current state it would be difficult to find a job in which you solely focused on one of your interests. Usually jobs at the core consist mostly of stats lets say, but they will combine other areas as well.

Statistics are great because they are needed everywhere. They are needed in industrial companies, the weather, research labs etc. A lot of individuals find statistics challenging so if it is something that comes easy to you I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to play on the strengths you already have!

All the best!

Thank you for giving me the options that could steer me in the right direction. I appreciate it! Darren B.

You are more than welcome! I am glad I could help. Vanja Cvijanovic

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Rahul’s Answer

Weird take:
A more accurate question would be, which career would be the best fit for me, at ac certain point in my life?
I say that, because your personality can very likely keep changing as you move through life. There's a lot of careers and roles that have the potential to be rewarding, but it is not just about wants, right? Getting in those places has to be backed up by experience and skills - and so a lot of it comes down to time.
You'll find roles and careers that are very much in demand at certain times, vs them not being so much in demand at others.

Having said so, the whole universe is your oyster. There's a lot of free stuff available to learn on the internet today, so you can explore a lot better today than at any point in history.

With your skills, you could be a data scientist in sports ;)
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Kristie’s Answer

It's difficult to determine what career would best fit anyone. You can definitely take a career assessment test, but the most important thing to do is to try things out as see what you like and do not like. Take a variety of classes and make a list of what you like about them and what you don't. You can also see if you are able to do any sort of job shadowing at local businesses. This can give you great insight on what someone really does in a specific job and if you find that interesting. Above all, don't worry about making a mistake. You can always change your mind and switch gears if you aren't happy in any job you select.

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Aimee’s Answer

Hi Darren,

While no one can tell you specifically what field you should go into, I would recommend taking a career assessment test to point you in the right direction. Some high schools will offer this testing in various college prep classes. I would also recommend taking a wide variety of classes to really hone into your interests to help guide you when making that decision.

I hope this helps!