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I am interested in becming a socal worker working with troubled teens. What is the most rewarding part of this job? What is the most demanding part of this profession?

Asked England, England, United Kingdom

I would like to work with troubled teens, but I have never done this before. A lot of my friends in high school are going through both body issues and emotional issues. I listen to their problems and sometimes offer advice. I would love to do this as my career. #in #someone #who #this #works

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Ezra Lockhart’s Answer

Updated Barrow, Alaska

In my experience the most rewarding part of the helping profession is when those you serve accomplish the goals they set for themselves. Nothing is more rewarding then seeing your client succeed in both minor and major ways. Sometimes those little successes are all they can achieve at the moment and those need to be acknowledged and celebrated. We must help them see "the win" in "the little things".

As for the most demanding part of the profession, most I think would say: the long hours of uncompensated work. The social work has a high burnout rate and low pay rate. This obviously leads to many leaving the profession after a year or two. However, on the other hand, there are those few that remain in the career for decades and still enjoy what the work they do and the people they positively effect. It is my experience, that you will not know which you will be until you start doing the work. For me, I started volunteering while still in high school. I did hospice work and was impacted in a major way. Due to that experience I was forever changed. I recommend you expand beyond giving advice to your peer group and try volunteering. See how you feel about the work you do. I wish you the best of luck.