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Career Questions tagged Someone

Loordhu ’s Avatar
Loordhu Apr 13, 2017 736 views

How to become a doctor

I am Loordhu Jeyakumar from Tenkasi
I done 11 standard but I can't continue my studies because family situation so now I want to become a doctor so anyone one can help find that way #someone

Noemi ’s Avatar
Noemi Oct 31, 2016 611 views

What kind of jobs can you get with a degree in Engineering?

There are a lot of different types of engineers and I want to know about the types. #engineering #in #someone

rachel’s Avatar
rachel Oct 24, 2016 515 views

I am interested in becming a socal worker working with troubled teens. What is the most rewarding part of this job? What is the most demanding part of this profession?

I would like to work with troubled teens, but I have never done this before. A lot of my friends in high school are going through both body issues and emotional issues. I listen to their problems and sometimes offer advice. I would love to do this as my career. #in #someone #who #this #works

James’s Avatar
James Oct 22, 2016 742 views

I like computer drafting and architecture. I would like a 2 year degree. Would I have a disadvantage over someone with a four or five year degree?

People are telling me a master's degree is better than an associate's. #or #someone #with #year #either #five #two #architecture #computer-aided-drafting #drafting #architecture-and-planning #architect #career