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How long do it usually takes for the being in the army for 2 -4 years then becoming an Family and Marriage Therapist?!

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2 answers

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Jon’s Answer

Hi Briana,

I am not quite sure about the army, but my wife is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT)!

She received her undergraduate in Psychology (4yrs at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo). She then spent 2 1/2 yrs in her Masters Program at Cal Poly as well. She then spent 2 more years in her associateship (internship) gaining her hours, then took her licensure exam. I'm sure you could be of great benefit through your lived experience in the army to veterans: I know working with veterans is a niche field! My wife loves her job
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Jennifer’s Answer

First, graduate high school or get GED. Then get a 4 year degree in college. Then you will need a masters degree. After graduating you will be able to work as a counselor but will still be under supervision of a more experienced counselor until you become independently licensed. The amount of time that takes varies from state to state, but generally most complete it within 2-3 years of working fulltime in the field. It can be a long process but very rewarding. You can focus your master's degree in Marriage and Family therapy, counseling, or social work.