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what's your biggest fear?

I want to be a nurse # #pediatric-nursing

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Matthew’s Answer

I think that a reasonable fear in any profession that has the potential for mortal harm to others is the fear of causing mortal harm to others.

Most of my work experience is serving and assorted jobs during school, desktop-bound project management, some site surveys, and a bit of manufacturing afterwards.

As a server and misc other jobs, the worst thing that I can think would happen would be feeding someone something that they're allergic to, or getting robbed or assaulted or something.

At the desktop, the worst thing that I could do is mess up a calculation and cost some corporate entity some undue amount of money, potentially getting some people laid off if coverage of wages during manufacturing idling goes wrong. That's its own kind of stress.

In manufacturing, there's always potential to maim or kill someone with an inadvertent actuation of a machine, an irresponsible chemical spill when PPE is not being worn, or just dropping a heavy clamp off of a third-story balcony onto the head of someone below.

There are so many ways for things to go wrong! And the risk is undoubtedly higher in a medical profession than anything I've done or will do.

But that's OK, you know? It's OK to be afraid. Use it as a motivator to be the best that you can be in your role, to remain diligent, and to remind yourself that what you're doing is important. If you see a risk, escalate that potential to your peers and mentors to understand how realistic it is for something to wrong, and whether there's anything that you can do to mitigate that risk. Be proactive.

Good luck! Nursing is a challenging profession and the world really doesn't deserve y'all.