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What does the average day for an adolescent therapist look like?

This is the profession I am interested in, but I am curious about the stress this causes for the therapist. Information on how you cope and handle the subjects you cover in your work would be great. Or if all you have to say is you don't have much difficulty coping that is a welcomed answer too. #therapy #child-development

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Jamie’s Answer

Your average day would depend on what setting you are seeing adolescents. Inpatient and partial hospitalization are much different than outpatient. Residential is its own animal.

Any age group you work with, in whatever setting has its challenges. Self care is important to help you stay strong. Have good supervision is very important. You need people you work with to support you. I work with most age groups (no under 13) & have been lucky with my adolescents. Many are just trying to figure life out and have someone to hear them bc they feel their parents don't get it.

For me, surviving outpatient work is having a variety of age groups to work with daily.

there is not much I have not heard at this point. There's not much that is taboo for me to hear as I am very open minded. It is about meeting the client where they are emotionally and walking the path with them. Some journeys are adventures! Some feel like torture! There are times when I have had to mentally/emotionally distance myself from what I heard bc it was such a traumatic experience for them and it is hard to hear. I can still be with them w/o getting lost in their pain. I practice self care and trying to leave work in my office on those days! Most days I come home happy and not too affected by my job. It is good practice in reframing and gratitude on my part to keep myself well. Good luck