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How much is an athletic trainer's pension?

I would like to know what the amounts of pensions in different work environments for athletic trainers. pension athletic-training career

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2 answers

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Eric’s Answer

As Desiree mention, pensions are rarely seen these days in industries that are not public service. Especially in the world of sports management, where most workers are going to be working for themselves, or for larger corporations your financial wellness tools could either be a SEP IRA or a 401(k). These would be your primary tools to growth your wealth throughout your working years. If you are more concerned about having a stream of income in your retirement, you may want to consider investing in an annuity or other times of investments that allow for a stream of income monthly once you are no longer receiving a paycheck.
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Desiree’s Answer

Many jobs no longer have traditional pensions. Instead they have 401K plans or similar programs. (It more cost effective for employers to offer 401K than a pension.) I encourage you to research that.
And kudos to you for thinking in advance about your future financial wellness!!!

Desiree recommends the following next steps:

Research 401K plans versus pensions