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What are the pros and cons about the engineering field?

I want to weight out my options before choosing what to major in #students #and #former #current

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2 answers

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Mohan’s Answer

- Youcan design and implement your own creation
- Working with cutting edge technology
- Interesting work, Good pay and generally easy to find a job
- Wide variety of job opportunities
- A background in engineering can be helpful to many other areas of work

- you will probably work long hours not because you are forced to, but because you have a passion for completing your design and seeing it in action
- Stuff you've learned at university/college won't probably be relevant. I'm just trying to say that the amount of stuff you learn at university is negligible to what you do in industry. In industry, you'll probably solve a problem that has been never encountered before.
- Requires school work, math can be challenging.

Rest I would say being an engineer is fun. You get to learn a lot about the world of machines and take up engineering if you have passion for it and not cause of worldly pressures. :)

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Krishna’s Answer

Engineering is always a good field to study if you are ready to be responsible. You should be really good in mathematics and analysis. If you are okay to take up the challenges, engineering can give you a good status in the society and also can provide you economic security. I will just list out the pros and cons.

- Economic security
- Good status in society
- Can provide you with a wide range of job opportunities
- You get a chance to work with latest technology
- If you have an interest towards inventing and reinventing things, engineering can give you a solid platform with all the necessary basics.
- It gives you an opportunity to divert yourself to any other field later on in your career.

- Tough syllabus
- Need to do a lot of hard work during studies and also after studies until you get settled in a good job. Even after that you have to continue your hard work to keep up with the latest technology. Studying never stops. (Don't be scared. Even I am engineer and trust me it is not that difficult as it looks to keep up with the latest technology)
- Should be ready to sacrifice sleep at times. Sometimes you will do it yourself out of interest or sometimes your work will demand it.

To be frank these cons are not actual cons. These are some investments you have to do to lead life as a successful engineer.
All the best.