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Can you specialize in one area in pediatrics ?

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3 answers

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Suzanne’s Answer

Good question, Chastity. Yes, there are different types of pediatricians. Many remain general pediatricians after completing their three year pediatric residency after graduation from medical school. These are considered primary care pediatricians and take care of kids from newborns through teenagers. Most of the time they are able to care for the conditions children have but sometimes there is a rare or complicated condition and then general pediatricians need to consult with a sub specialist pediatrician.
Subspecialist pediatricians either specialize in an age range such as newborns or adolescents or in a condition such as cardiology or infectious diseases. Some also are emergency medical specialists who work in pediatric ERs or hospitalists or intensive care doctors. The latter care for kids admitted to hospitals.
There are a lot of options within the broad field of pediatrics.

Suzanne recommends the following next steps:

Try to speak to a pediatrician or family doctor about what type of child patients they take care of.
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Cameron’s Answer

Yes! There are many specialized pediatric physicians, like pediatric neurologists, oncologists, psychologists, cardiologists, and more!
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Marc’s Answer

To enter the field of Pediatrics, one completes college (usually 4 years), then medical school (usually 4 years), then a pediatric Residency, which is a training program specifically for Pediatrics (3 years).
If one then wants to specialize, you would enter a Fellowship program (1-4 years, depending on the specialty).
You start to earn pay once you enter your pediatric Residency, but the level of pay is fairly low (for doctors) until you complete your training.
Good luck!
Marc Grella