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Does anyone have advice for college athletes majoring in STEM subjects when labs and athletic practices may conflict?

Updated Maryland, Maryland

I will be playing a sport for my school and, while my coach is very much academically focused and will support any afternoon labs I have, I know there will be some conflicts between those labs and our athletic practices. I am curious if anyone has any creative ideas for making sure that I can give my best to both my studies as well as my team. #college-major #sports #collegiate-athlete

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Lisa’s Answer

Updated Maplewood, New Jersey

It is pretty simple. Keep your eye on the ball. School comes first. Let your coach know now about the conflicts and let him/her know how many days per week you CAN make practice. When school gets demanding, you may have to take time off. If this is unacceptable, replace this with a club sport which will be less demanding. If you can show up for a short time after your labs, you can offer that to your coach as well.