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What does a computer engineer typically accomplish in a day of work?

Asked Round Rock, Texas

I'm planning to major in computer engineering, but I'm not sure what kind of work expect and whether I want to go into computer hardware or software engineering. #computer-software #engineering #computer #computer-hardware

4 answers

Shankar’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Computer engineers enjoy tremendous freedom in choosing the types of projects they want to work on. A computer engineer may decide to work on a project that he finds fascinating, or one that he has a personal connection to. For example, a computer engineer who suffered a loss in his family due to illness might invest his energy on developing medical devices to treat that illness.

Often working on teams with engineers and designers from other disciplines, computer engineers can contribute to a wide variety of compelling projects. From designing new microchips to developing industrial robots, computer engineers use their skills to help businesses and consumers solve all kinds of problems.

In many cases, computer engineers' contributions aren't so obvious. For example, a computer engineer may team up with civil engineers on a river dam. Her input can result in an automated system that manages consistent water levels in reservoirs or in local streams. Or she might collaborate with automotive designers to create internal systems that regulate fuel efficiency and tire pressure. With computers integrated in more and more products around the world, a computer engineer's career choices are nearly limitless.

Narshu’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Engineer has responsibilities with their job position. on whole work day, engineer is focused only on those responsibilities. Job opportunities for software engineer with corresponding responsibilities.

  • Web Software Developer, Web Client Help build the web based version of WhatsApp in Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3 Work closely with, and incorporate feedback from PMs, designers and other engineers Pro-actively enhance our web platform

  • Software Engineer, University Grad Work on a very small team to create new, awesome features for millions of users Write efficient, maintainable code for mobile phones Own release and QA cycles of your code

  • Software Developer, VoIP The person in this role would help make VoIP calls reliable over varying devices and networking conditions including high packet loss and high latency The candidate should have a strong understanding of various network protocols used in real time applications and how to interpret observations in field to make improvements to networking components

  • Mobile Software Developer Create new, awesome features for millions of users Write efficient, maintainable code for mobile phones Own release and QA cycles of your code Work with customer support to fix reported bugs

  • Software Developer, Tools Develope internal APIs and web applications for support and localization teams Enhance our website, blog and crowd-sourced translation site Deliver improvements to our search system and automate QA Create fast, highly-functional frontends in JavaScript Work closely with, and incorporate feedback from founders, support team and other engineers

  • Server Software Developer Write clean, awesome and bug free Erlang, C or C++ server code Work with multi-node cluster handling live traffic Scale Erlang powered servers to handle millions of users Develop system monitoring and instrumentation tools

Prasanti’s Answer

Updated California, California

What a computer engineer does at work in a day depends on the role. If the person is a developer, he/she may write programs related to the project they are working on. If the person is an architect, he/she may design the architecture of the project that has to be developed. If the person is a UX designer, he/she may design the UI and recommend the usability aspects to be built. If the person is a QA engineer, he/she may test the programs written by developers to ensure that the programs meet the specified requirements. There are various tasks that a computer engineer does in a day but the major accomplishment is what they learn while performing those tasks. One should not view the day to complete a list of tasks rather than to learn something new every day.

Hung’s Answer

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