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Creative ways to advertise content for artists ?

I’m an aspiring artist and want to find ways to make my art marketable (sell )and I want to know what are good ways to go about advertising for artist ? creative college artist

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3 answers

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Nicholas’s Answer

Share your art on digital channels, put it up for sale (like on etsy) and share those links, network with other artists to try to do a gallery show together. Definitely build your own website. Ask local schools, churches, and other community venues if they will exhibit your work. Go to or email galleries to ask for advice...they are the experts. These days, social media drives a lot of this industry, so you'll probably need to spend a lot of time building a following.

Thank you so much this wass really good advice Jada J.

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Natasha’s Answer

The other suggestions from Marc and Nicholas are on point.

Choose your social media depending on what format of art and targeted audiences. It is important to build a following on Instagram for instance. I myself go to Instagram before I even check out an artist's website.

Certain platforms, such as Etsy and Firstdibs, may become relevant as your business grows; however, do have a professional website where business partners can find samples of your work, media/press mentions, mission statement and business contact information. Make sure your site is optimized on Google and other major search engines so that it's on the 1st page of search results. Getting your art tagged and shared by friends and clients with lots of following is another way of increasing your reach. Lastly, short video contents are very effective at keeping your audience or potential clients engaged.

Good luck and stay well,

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Marc’s Answer

Not sure what type of art you're creating, but a great first step is to establish your digital presence. Have a website that displays your work, contact info, ways to get in touch and purchase artwork. Then extend presence into social media. You could have a separate instagram from your personal account and display your work there. Potentially develop a schedule for posting so there is always fresh content and make sure to add relevant hashtags. These are very digital focused, but could potentially look into Behance, Dribbble, Deviant Art, etc.

Definitely look for local or community events. Display work at local cafes, flea markets, etc.