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Will dancing help me earn enough money?

I know some dancers don't have steady jobs so I am wondering if they make enough off of those jobs to live. dance

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2 answers

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Nicholas’s Answer

Well Piper, what's enough money? And what type of dancing? These are bigger questions for you to answer before you can figure it out. Maybe enough is a lower number for you than some others, and the type of dance you love can make that professionally. Or maybe you really want to make a lot of money, and dancing probably won't get you there. In general, dancers aren't a highly paid profession.
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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi again Piper - the life of a dancer is not easy, but it is possible. Many professional dancers (performers) also teach dance to supplement their income. Keep in mind that health insurance is going to be your responsibility, as performing and teaching jobs are typically freelance jobs - so you need to be ready to pay for your own insurance. Most freelance artists are Independent Contractors, so you have to pay your own taxes too (typically quarterly). There is also a lack of stability in a life in dance, which you could few as "variety." For example, a full schedule as a dance teacher (~25+ classes/week) may provide enough to live on, but dance studios often close for holidays and class offerings typically drop off during summer months. I recall having ~6 weeks/year when the studio was closed, so I had to hustle to find other temporary work (I waited tables, taught dance at daycare centers/summer camps). Also, if you are sick/injured and can't work (rehearse/ perform/teach) - you don't get paid.

In summary, you can make enough money to support yourself but you will have to be frugal. Most dancers live with roommates in an inexpensive apartment in neighborhoods outside of city centers. You have to be ready to work hard and be disciplined to make ends meet. I recommend saving money during the peaks (busy months) and be resourceful in finding temp work during the valleys.

All said, if dance is your passion you should follow your dreams! You won't likely feel rich from a bank account perspective, but your life can be rich and fulfilling without wealth. If you work hard and are good, you may have the opportunity to travel with a company/production and see the world.