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Jennifer Edgcomb

community engagement, previously in fundraising. I also teach dance
Chicago, IL
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Anna K. May 20, 2020 416 views

What's a good minor to accompany a dance major looking to open her own studio after college?

Hey! I am a competitive dancer and plan to major in dance. I am a 2021 high school senior and interested in getting a business or kinesiology minor as well. I also love organizing and decorating and have considered possibly minoring in interior decorating. Any advice?? Thank you!! dance...


Jordan W.’s Avatar
Jordan W. Sep 04, 2020 392 views

Do I have to go to college to become a choreographer?

I'm a dancer and I want to own a dance studio but I don't want to attend college for a long time. dance entrepreneur...


Piper F.’s Avatar
Piper F. Jun 08, 2021 109 views

Are managers more helpful in the dance world?

dance I am wondering if getting a manager in the future will be...

Piper F.’s Avatar
Piper F. Jun 08, 2021 173 views

Will dancing help me earn enough money?

I know some dancers don't have steady jobs so I am wondering if they make enough off of those jobs to live....