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What classes should I be taking in highschool to be better prepared for marine biology in college?

I am a Straight A student who has a yearly GPA of over 98. I love classes that mentally challenge me. marine-biology high-school-classes college

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2 answers

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Emilia’s Answer

You should check what courses your high school offers! I would go as far as you can in biology, but other math and natural science courses would also help you out a lot. Some high schools in the US offer AP, IB, and community college courses that you should definitely take advantage of! Self-study is also an option for AP, too. I don't know about the others because they weren't offered in my high school, but some AP classes you can take are Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science along with any other natural science or math course that interests you.
However, I would like to point out that classes aren't the only thing you should be taking to get ready for college. You should see if there are any local research opportunities for high school students in marine biology. If not, you could definitely just reach out to some marine biologists on linked in or by email to ask any questions you have. Lots of professionals love getting asked these sorts of questions. They could even become your mentor!
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Nicholas’s Answer

You'll want to focus on biology classes, ideally AP Biology if your school offers it. You may wish to enroll in community college or university courses if you have a school nearby that allows it. That college credit will let you skip some entry-level courses in college to get into the specialty marine biology classes. I would definitely recommend emailing marine biology professors during your sophomore or junior year to let them know about your interest, they may be able to help you get into the school or another program!