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How is a every day life of a Pediatric Nurse & is there any cons to always keep in mind?

My dream has always been to be a pediatric nurse, however I always have to be open minded in the bad that can come with it. My question is for me to understand not only the good but also what more there is to the other side of the story. #pediatric-nursing

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Brittney’s Answer

Being any type of RN comes with its sad/difficult side. I went into pediatrics, initially neonatal, because I enjoyed the mystery of my patient not being able to tell me what was wrong with them and having to figure out what their exam/history was telling me. Also in my mind babies/children are the most innocent population I could care for, they (until you get to older kids/teenagers) didn't do anything to harm themselves or put themselves in situations where they could get sick/hurt. All of my career RN and NP I have taken care of the sickest of children, it is never easy when one is dying/dies but you do learn to control your emotions, be a rock for the family (sometimes shedding a tear with them), and I always learn something from the situation. I never doubt my choice of going into pediatrics, even though some days are difficult. Most days are not and when you see a baby go home with their family for the first time, a toddler finally warm up to you, a school aged kid who doesn't want to go home because the hospital is 'fun,' or the teenager who finally admits that you were right in pushing them to walk after surgery, those days balance out the hard ones.