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Pediatric Nurse Practitioner & Legal Nurse Consultant at Atlas Pediatric LNC, Inc.
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Angie R. Oct 26, 2016 496 views

What does it take to be a pediatric nurse?

I want to be a nurse, I love kids and infants, but what does it take to become a pediatric nurse? Do I have to be an RN? #nursing #registered-nurses #pediatrics...


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NADIA G. Oct 27, 2016 397 views

How is a every day life of a Pediatric Nurse & is there any cons to always keep in mind?

My dream has always been to be a pediatric nurse, however I always have to be open minded in the bad that can come with it. My question is for me to understand not only the good but also what more there is to the other side of the story....


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Joshua F. Oct 29, 2016 455 views

What's the best program to apply for nursing? Where should I start?

I live in Visalia, CA and i'm a senior at El Diamanté High. I want to prepare what program is more efficient and where should i start looking. There's so much varieties of nursing programs in California and even in the world, but i don't know which is the best and which is more affordable....

#nurse-practitioner #biology #japan #nursing #registered-nursing

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Stephanie W. Feb 09, 2017 460 views

What specific characteristics are required of registered nurses/nurse practitioners?

I'm studying to become a nurse practitioner, I would like to know more about the career and what types of tasks and responsibilities NP's have in the hospital setting....


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Nelly S. May 30, 2017 495 views

How to prepare to apply for Nursing School?

I have decided that I want to be a nurse and I am a junior. What can I do beside get good grades and volunteer at a hospital? My plan is to become a rn and then become a practitioner. #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #nursing-schools #career-details...