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How do I know which career choice is the best for me? What steps should I take?

I'm a dancer, a little bit of a singer, I like to do rainbow loom, I like to be outdoors, I'm christian dance dance singer

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3 answers

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Virginia’s Answer

Hi Skylah - great question!

Volunteering with a variety of organizations or looking for internships that match your interests is a great first step. You never know where that first place will take you!

If you're involved in a church, seek out a mentor or look to get involved in a youth group that can offer career support and guidance. Joining the choir or school band is another great way to utilize your passions while meeting people and building connections. Other community groups like a local theater group or drama/acting programs can help do this too!

And lately, utilize social media. Look at organizations on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Follow along with what they are working on and learn more about the options available to you.

Good luck!

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Alex’s Answer

Hey Skylah!

I recommend:
1. thinking of role models, family friends, literally anyone where you look at their lives, understand what they do, and find yourself interested in learning more.
2. Talk to these people and see what they love and hate about their career. Google everything you can.
3. Then try them out! Learning new careers will be hard and never let that discourage you, life is pretty tough.
4. However, if you find yourself going to work everyday and not liking the actual work, be open to change. For example, if you want to be a singer, but find out you don't like singing in front of large audiences. Try to make small adjustments. Maybe you shift to singing for a recording studios or small churches. If the changes are still not leading to a career you love, try something new!
5. Exploring what you want at a young age is so important. When you get older, bigger career shifts are much more challenging. So use your early career to perfect your dream career.

I hope this answers your question and helps!
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Amy’s Answer

Hi Skylah,

As you think about what career you may want to pursue, you may want to consider:

1. What are my strengths? Strengths Finder is a great resource for this.
2. What am I good at that I enjoy doing? Make a list and see if there are any commonalities.
3. What is my personality? Do I enjoy working with people or by myself? Am I a big picture person or dig into the details?

Some great resources once you've answered these questions for yourself:
The Career Aptitude Test:
The O*NET Interest Profiler:

Good luck! Don't forget that it's quite normal to try several career paths over your lifetime!