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If you get a degree in Pharmacy, can you also conduct drug testing, manufacturing, and/or research?

Asked Bethany, Connecticut

I am interested in the range of things you can do with a Pharmaceutical degree, besides actually just working in a Pharmacy. #pharmacy #pharmacists #pharmaceuticals

2 answers

Huong’s Answer

Updated Garland, Texas

You can do research if you want to, you just have to apply for job with a pharmaceuticals company that do that, or any jobs that want the knowledges/ expertise of a pharmacists, you can also work at hospitals or doing research at hospitals you work at, it depend where you work and what position you are applying for

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Annie’s Answer

Updated Detroit, Michigan


You can do research if you like but a pharmaceutical science degree is more suited for that than a becoming a pharmacist. You need a strong chemistry and biology background for research which you really don't get in the typical Pharm D program. Pharmacists do work in the pharmaceutical industry typically as medical liaisons presenting data to insurance companies and hospital pharmacies. Their are also a few other roles they hold in industry.