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What's it like being an artist?

I just want to know what's it like and is it something to try in the future. art artist

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2 answers

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Rupa’s Answer

Hello Jacky,

To be honest, this is a very tough question to answer. I am an artist and I love to paint but it is not my full time job. I am a product consultant but I do painting regularly. It takes out lots of stress out of me and I feel relaxed when I paint. I use this medium to pour my ideas on to a canvas and I enjoy it thoroughly.

I never thought of changing my hobby to business because I feel it requires huge amount of time, effort, money and travel. Few things that I can think off that would be required to start this as career.
- marketing of your paintings online and offline,
- spend money on advertisement of your product and
- last but not the least do lots of exhibition to showcase your work which requires sometimes travel.

I think you can try few steps before you decide to make it as a career are

1. Put your art work in some marketing site like Etsy, NicheCanvas, etc to see how the responses are. Who are your audience buyers? etc
2. Also, you can try small exhibition of your work in your neighborhood to advertise and spread the information through words of mouth.
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Richard’s Answer

Hi Jacky!

Your question is really interesting!!
I love art and everything in it! from the DIYs to the large productions.

I myself am an artist - sketch and canvas painting. This is something where i feel i am my own BOSS, work in my own time, space and i can "bring anything to life" , could be hyper-realistic or contemporary.
Having said that, it could be quite a narrow and tough road to make a career out of it, but holding onto your dream and honing the skill will take you to heights you've never imagined.

You could have it as a side hustle - By starting small like digital painting being sold on Instagram and them moving on to large productions.

Creativity is Intelligence having fun!!

Richard recommends the following next steps:

Find out what you're interested in
Narrow it down to hone your skill