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Hey, my best regards to you guys. So here is the problem. I literally dunno what I want to do. I like history, literature and have a little interest in finance. I am really good at motivating people. And I want to include all this in my career. I really don't want to hurry up and make rash decisions about my career options, because I really don't want to regret it later. I just need some motivation about what I should pursue as a career. I also want to get a Phd. for becoming a professor, but I am really bad at teaching, or so I am told. Thank You.

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4 answers

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Aloysius’s Answer

Hi Sameeksha, its great to see that you have several areas of interest that range from Finance, History & Literature. I would suggest you spend time to see under each of this branch of studies what specifics interests you the most. As an example: Does Ancient Indian Culture, Civilization attract or the learnings from History that motivate you as a person. Apply the same approach with the other branches of study and your list of likes, dislikes can grow. The key is to remain open as an "explorer" (imagine yourself when you were 5-6 to help inspire the true explorer) . Hopefully the exploration would help further create a list for you, which would help inform you innermost liking i.e. motivating people- see if that ranges of people from all spheres of life or sports for example. If you consider sports coaching, it's a brilliant field, sharing as an example to only help your exploratory phase:

Lastly, remember it's not so much on the volume of studies you do (MSc, PHD etc), so long as you keep the passion for continual learnings and a mindset for strong application of your learnings, you'd excel in anything you do.

Hope you find these pointers useful.
Best Regards
Thank you comment icon Thank you, Aloysius, I appreciate your help! Sameeksha
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Priyanka’s Answer

Hi Sameeksha,
Looks like you have a lot of things going for you and that is a great starting point to be at. Having more skills is always better, so think of it as a boon.
Personally, I am a huge believer in education and I think that it can never go waste - you not use it for an immediate role, but you never know when that knowledge will come handy.
If I was to opine, I would say that you must do your PhD (whether it is now or a few years later) - applying it for a teaching role is just one of the many jobs. there are roles in corporates, research, science, analytics, etc where this would be a very useful degree to have. Also, having a PhD lets you shine vs. other individuals more often than not.

Given your diverse skill set and the fact that you are so early in your career stage, I would recommend going for a good organization (if possible) as I believe that having the exposure to many things is what you need at this stage. I have personally changed so many roles and am doing something very different from my studies - but no regrets. Each role has taught me something and I am a sum total of all. All this may not seem to be real at this stage, but trust me it is.

Best of luck for an amazing future.

Thank you comment icon Thank you, Priyanka, as you suggested I would love to have diverse experiences with different career options! Sameeksha
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Sumitava’s Answer

Hi Sameeksha! I would love to take the opportunity to share a few suggestions.
I see you have mentioned history, literature in the first of your interest which show your priorities. In that specific field, there are a lot of scopes and mix and match which you can try out while you are growing up. You can try to understand all kinds of scope and then choose the one where you are most comfortable.
History is good with archeology where it matches with literature. There are old scripts that you can go through to understand the historical importance of a specific era. Also, you can learn how finance developed throughout the time i.e from the historical times till now. This is not completely Finance but there is a hint of finance in history.
Always remember there is no rush in life. Take your time to understand your passion and go for it. If you start enjoying the work it won't feel like a boring job. Also, my advice would be not to worry much about the criticisms. There are always a lot of suggestions and advice you will be getting. It is always your choice which one you would like to take.
Hope this helps.
Al the best for your future.
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much for your advice, Sumitava! Sameeksha
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Tomisin’s Answer

It's fine to have all these ambitions but it's okay to take it a step at a time, the world is wide enough to bring all your aspirations into reality.

Take your time to prioritize things, first of all, what do you have to do next? You can study History and Literature first and still be a motivational speaker in your school of study by taking up leadership responsibilities among your peers and be a source of motivation to them, jeering them up and all that great things.
After graduation you can proceed to have a PhD.

I believe there's so much you have in you and you have what it takes to make all your dreams a reality.
The star is your starting point!
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much for your precious advice and guidance Tomisin, I am trying my best to sort out my priorities... And yes thank you so much for the motivation. God knows people need it nowadays! Sameeksha