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Aloysius Dias

SME Lead for Visa's CEMEA region
Payments Technology
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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DD Jun 25, 2021 363 views

Corporate Law

Is corporate law a good choice as a profession ?
( For someone who is very new to the business environment ) #business #law #lawyer

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Jun 30, 2021 350 views

I'm confused on what career I should focus on.

My main interest are science, math, drawing, phycology and computers science. I'm trying to think of a career that would suit me best, I know I'm young but I love to plan ahead.
#career #science #computer #math #science #psychology #computer-science

Ashley Ann Denielle’s Avatar
Ashley Ann Denielle Jun 24, 2021 219 views

Is it okey to have work without experience?

Hi I'm ashley and I'm a hard-working. #first-job

Jasmerry’s Avatar
Jasmerry Jun 13, 2021 280 views

how can I create a business for cosmetics

I would like to create a business for cosmetics but I have no idea how to get started #business #entrepreneur

somkid’s Avatar
somkid Jun 24, 2021 311 views

Degree vs Certificate

When comes to getting an education in the field of Cybersecurity, is it better to get a certificate in the field, such as the Comptia security+, or a bachelors degree in Cybersecurity. I want some thoughts on this question and want to know what do you have as your education when you start your...

Mpumelelo’s Avatar
Mpumelelo Mar 21, 2021 497 views

What are the challenges of becoming a neurosurgeon?

I am a neurosurgeon in preparation.

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Jun 12, 2021 281 views

How can i start my own business?

Im 16 in the 11th grade and was wondering how to start your own business
#business #management #marketing

someone’s Avatar
someone Jun 15, 2021 303 views

it's about my future

I don't have any particular career chosen but I'm interested in lots and lots of things like painting, sketching basically arts and craft also in acting, dancing, photography cooking and few other things. soo recently I was reading an article on "power of combining your skills" I would like to...

Amit’s Avatar
Amit Sep 28, 2017 2794 views

What's the difference between financial accounting and management accounting?

I am interested in this and am a little confused with the research I have done. #accounting

Sameeksha’s Avatar
Sameeksha Jun 15, 2021 411 views

Hey, my best regards to you guys. So here is the problem. I literally dunno what I want to do. I like history, literature and have a little interest in finance. I am really good at motivating people. And I want to include all this in my career. I really don't want to hurry up and make rash decisions about my career options, because I really don't want to regret it later. I just need some motivation about what I should pursue as a career. I also want to get a Phd. for becoming a professor, but I am really bad at teaching, or so I am told. Thank You.

#college #career #career-path #career-choice