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What career options are there for Biochem majors who want to research medicine with a focus on the chemistry of it?

Biochem seems to be the gateway to everything medicine and because of that it is all rather confusing. I have always been interested in the chemistry of medicine and how products interact with the body but it seems that everyone I know is majoring in it for pre-med. I just want to know if I'm on the right track. #bachelors-degree #masters-degree #science-phd

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Jaclyn’s Answer

You are on the right track. Chemistry is essential to understanding how medicines deliver, affect, and cure different sicknesses in the body. As a chemistry major in college, several of my friends have gone on to medical school, pharmacy school, or continued their careers toward a PhD in chemistry. Others have focused on drug creation after obtaining a PhD in chemistry and now work for pharmaceutical giants such as Mylan, Pfizer, and others.

Keep in mind, the importance of biochemistry is the biological affects chemical compounds cause in the body. I would recommend taking as many biochemistry courses as possible in addition to strict chemistry and biology classes to ensure that you are well rounded in all principles. As for possible next steps, I would recommend getting involved in research projects in the chemistry labs that are focused on pharmaceuticals.