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What does it take to be a mechanical engineeri

I always wanted to be in the Motorsport professional area, to be able to do what i love, met new people and be happy with my career instead of sitting in a desk typing away. #mechanical engineering

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2 answers

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David’s Answer

Many will tell you of the skills you need in math, science, and communicating visually through sketches and drawings. Also, however, I've noticed that many mechanical engineers have a similar mindset, including:
- wanting to know how things work, often to the point of taking things apart or watching YouTube videos others might find boring
- a relentless desire to improve upon, well, just about anything and everything
Fortunately, a career in Mechanical Engineering can be anything you make it. You can specialize or be a generalist. And, if you decide that you want to explore a different field, an engineering degree will serve you well in management, medicine, or even law.
To go into motorsports, make sure you get involved with extracurricular clubs focusing on that, look into a student membership of SAE (the Society of Automotive Engineers) or other professional organizations, and work very hard at getting internships with companies that will provide you with experience in motorsports. Paid internships are great, but if you have little experience to offer, unpaid internships can be valuable too, just not in the monetary way.
Best of luck, and remember - engineers aren't boring people, we just get excited about boring things!
Thank you comment icon Thank you so much for telling me this. I would look into what you have told me for sure. Thank you and best of luck to you in the future Nairobi
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Atul’s Answer

The reality of the life is that computer software has taken many functions that were done manually such as drafting which is essential for mechanical engineering.
To become a mechanical engineer, you need following skills and work towards to get good at it.
1) software like Autodesk.
2) Be good in Math.
3) Learn basics of Drafting (elevation, plan, end-view).
4) Develop perception skills to imagine how things shall look.
5) Learn to articulate your design (most likely via software tools).
I have an engineering background and decided to pursue software for a reason.
Thank you comment icon Thank you for your response. I really do appreciative Nairobi