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Mechanical Engineer
Crawfordsville, Indiana
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Qida Oct 30, 2022 171 views

How can I start off as an engineer? Is there programs that can be beneficial?

I want to make sure I'm eligible to take this route and enjoy it.

Leilani’s Avatar
Leilani Jun 14, 2022 494 views

Since I was a child, I've wanted to be an architect, interior designer, and engineer because I've always been fascinated by the numerous things I could build, such as airplanes and buildings. But, in order to attain this goal, I'd like to know what courses in college I need take to get there. Such as the programs and requirements I'll need to achieve that goal. Could someone with experience in this field please assist me?

I'd also like to play D1 or D2 softball in college. I've also heard that having a degree in engineering isn't worth it, but I'd really like to do it.

Freddie’s Avatar
Freddie May 27, 2022 355 views

Is it better to do your undergrad in mechanical engineering and for grad school, focus on the actual career?

Hello, I am currently a junior and I am preparing for my major and the college that I want to be enrolled in. I am interested in being a part of STEM however I am not sure what I want to do exactly. Some of my career interests include aerospace, biotech, biomedical, nuclear engineer,...

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus Apr 28, 2022 355 views

How do I get into welding?

As a Senior in High school, I figure that now is the best time to start working towards my career. That being said what are some of the best first steps I can take to get into welding?

Will’s Avatar
Will Feb 25, 2022 259 views

What is a good college for engineering?

I'm in 10th grade. I live in minnesota. I love math and sports.
#engineering #engineer

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Feb 03, 2022 212 views

what would be a good starting position from someone wanting to get a job in mechanical engineering?

like what specific job opportunity would help gain the most and best experience in the field in regards of mechanical engineering? #mechanical-engineering #job

abishek’s Avatar
abishek Oct 27, 2021 193 views

what are the career option available for undergraduate mechanical engineer?

I am planning to study mechanical engineering. I am lacking knowledge about the career option

max’s Avatar
max Oct 25, 2021 235 views

do work hours for mechanical engineers change with the more experience you have?


Nazareth’s Avatar
Nazareth Oct 05, 2021 260 views

What classes you should take in high school if you want to become a civil engineer?

I am a senior in high school. I want know what classes would help me to become a civil engineer. #civil-engineering #engineer

Stany’s Avatar
Stany Sep 28, 2021 140 views

What counts as job experience?

For any kind of engineer #engineer

Themba’s Avatar
Themba Sep 02, 2021 292 views

Personality Characteristics of mechanical engineering

Am Vusi from Evander am here to ask some few questions because am doing my school project #engineer #mechanical-engineering

Khamoni’s Avatar
Khamoni Jul 29, 2021 234 views

I would like to know the first step to being an engineer

I want to be an # #engineer.

Nairobi’s Avatar
Nairobi Jun 17, 2021 262 views

What does it take to be a mechanical engineeri

I always wanted to be in the Motorsport professional area, to be able to do what i love, met new people and be happy with my career instead of sitting in a desk typing away. #mechanical engineering