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San Francisco, California
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i want to be well versed in the world of mechanical engineering so that i may be able to get a job in that field



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Aaron Apr 05, 2022 403 views

Events for mechanical engineering?

Are there any big events having to do with mechanical engineering that I could possibly look into, I would prefer something more hands-on?

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Aaron Apr 05, 2022 334 views

i need a plan for after city college?

I'm planning to go to city college but I wanted to know if there is anything to prep me for mechanical engineering or a way to get into that after city

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Aaron Feb 03, 2022 777 views

what are some outside/ extra activities that available for people wanting to go into mechanical engineering

is there any functions or places to do networking or workshops that would benefit an individual in becoming a mechanical engineer #mechanical-engineer #mechanical-engineering

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Aaron Feb 03, 2022 428 views

what would be a good starting position from someone wanting to get a job in mechanical engineering?

like what specific job opportunity would help gain the most and best experience in the field in regards of mechanical engineering? #mechanical-engineering #job

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Aaron Oct 08, 2021 707 views

How can i get a job as a mechanical engineer?

what are some things that can make me more competitive for a position in mechanical engineering or things that can prepare me for that field? #mechanical-engineer #mechanical-engineer #engineering

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Aaron Sep 17, 2021 508 views

What are good colleges for mechanical engineering?

I would like to know what colleges I should apply to so I have the best chance of getting the right education and the best education for mechanical engineering. #mechanical-engineering #college