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How can i get a job as a mechanical engineer?

what are some things that can make me more competitive for a position in mechanical engineering or things that can prepare me for that field? mechanical-engineer mechanical-engineer engineering

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5 answers

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Francisco’s Answer

Hey Aaron,

Great question. Mechanical engineering a broad field with many different jobs being available for someone with such a degree. You can expect to work in manufacturing, aerospace, engineering, amongst many other firms. My main recommendations to make yourself more competitive are as follows:

1. Get involved in student organizations: Student groups or professional organizations are a key part of a professional's development. These groups can teach you key soft skills like communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, and leadership. Additionally, some of these groups actually participate in engineering competitions like building a Mini Baja vehicle, RC aircrafts, rockets, etc. These kind of teams or organization also would help you develop mechanical skills and get familiar with manufacturing processes otherwise you wouldn't

2. Seek internships or co-ops: Work experience is key to make yourself competitive after graduation. Tons of companies hire sophomores, juniors, and seniors as interns and this will give you real exposure to the field and teach you a lot more than your classes. It is key you seek out this opportunities with companies through online applications or career fairs. Other options can be working with professors in their research labs or in a machining environment if your school has something like that.

3. Keep yourself up to date with the latest trends: Mechanical engineers in the past were only focused on common processes which have existed for decades, but with the introduction of Industry 4.0, mechanical engineers need to be prepared to work on new technologies like 3D printing, augmented reality, collaborative robots, etc. Learn about these new technologies and explore them in your spare time. You'll be surprised what some experience in this field will open doors for you.

Hope this helps with your question. Good luck and hope to see you succeeding in industry in the future!
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Glenn S.’s Answer

Lots of great answers here and they all have value and different approaches. A lot of my recommendations is a bit early for where you are, but I think it important. I have interviewed a lot of people straight out of college. Here are the things that can get you interviews with me.
- Experience: School projects, coop, and internships
-Leadership: when you are on group projects, don't just participate, lead. This goes a long way to being able to say why you stand out during the interview process.
- Resume: respect the reviewer of your resume. 1 page is enough, don't embellish, only put thing that are relevant. If you show unrelated work experience, that is a single line and no more
- Fundamentals: Understand the engineering fundamentals and be able to apply them.
- Research: Don't just show up for an interview, be prepared. Know what they do, know what the job is, and have a list of questions ready for the interviewers.
-Want the job: Enthusiasm, show interest in the company and the job. Make eye contact with the interviewer.
- Relax: Interviews are about fitting in to the company.

I hope this is helpful.
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Paul’s Answer

You already have some great answers above about internships and educational opportunities.

Another thing that can help you become more competitive for roles in mechanical engineering is to pick up a hobby related to the field.
-You could build your own rep-rap 3D Printer.
-You could learn to weld or pick up other types of metal working as a hobby.
-You could learn to build 3D models of common objects using Sketchup, or Autodesk Inventor and print them on a 3D printer
-If you have a passion for automotive engineering, tinker with your own car.
-If you have a passion for aerospace, build a model RC plane.

My best advice is to get your hands dirty and be willing to share your little projects with your friends and potential employers.

For fun and for profit.

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Bill’s Answer

The most impactful and effective thing you can do is to intern or co-op in your discipline at a company prior to graduation. This has the benefit of providing you real-world experience and giving you insight into an area related to your discipline. Companies look for this real-world experience, plus it lets you know what you may / may not want to do when you graduate.
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Ashley’s Answer

Internships are great, they offer great experience but also have potential for full time hire.

Find a professional organization like society of automotive engineers that have student organizations, there are usually atleast a few.

Delve deeper into the parts of your classes that interest you. Do more than the classes mandate.

Work or projects outside of school are great too, we want well rounded applicants that show they can solve problems and work in a team.

There are lots of opportunities for MEs in the next 5 years so you probably wont have an issue getting a job as long as you have a pretty good GPA.