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Ashley Dunn

Project Engineering Manager
Aerospace & Defense
Fort Worth, TX
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LaToya R.’s Avatar
LaToya R. Sep 25, 2020 263 views

Aerospace Engineer

I want to go to College foe Aerospace Engineering but would like to see what a workday is like. How would I do this? engineering...


Zackary G.’s Avatar
Zackary G. Oct 27, 2020 297 views

What are some pros and cons of becoming an aerospace engineer?

I am a 10th grader who has some interest in the aerospace field and was curious on some of the pros and cons....


Angela N.’s Avatar
Angela N. Dec 03, 2020 258 views
levi F.’s Avatar
levi F. Apr 22, 2021 286 views

How do I become a pilot or/and a Engineer?

I want to be a Fighter Pilot, and have a job after as a pilot or as an Engineer aviation job pilot...


Danil V.’s Avatar
Danil V. Oct 05, 2021 144 views

How do I approach getting a job in aerospace engineering?

I want to have a job in aerospace engineering where I can help design and build space/aircraft but I don't know where to start in pursuing that. Where should I start with educations, what fields should I specifically look into? Thanks. aerospace-engineering mechanical...


Eden M.’s Avatar
Eden M. Oct 06, 2021 176 views

How hard it is to find an entry level job as a fresh engineering graduate?

I'm just wondering about my career path after college and I got a bit worried about this question. job...


Aaron B.’s Avatar
Aaron B. Oct 08, 2021 225 views

How can i get a job as a mechanical engineer?

what are some things that can make me more competitive for a position in mechanical engineering or things that can prepare me for that field? mechanical-engineer mechanical-engineer...